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lost reminder and discussion post

Previously: the survivors split into two camps, after Jack's (Matthew Fox) discovery of fresh water, Locke (Terry O'Quinn discovers Charlie's (Dominic Monaghan) secret, and Sun (Yunjin Kim) reveals to Michael (Harold Perrineau) that she can speak English. This week, Charlie begins to suffer from drug withdrawal as Jack moves his medical things into the caves. Meanwhile, Sayid (Naveen Andrews) tries to locate the source of the french message with the help of Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Boone (Ian Somerhalder).

"The Moth" is written by Jennifer Johnson and Paul Dini, directed by Jack Bender.

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LOST airs on AXN during Thursdays (9pm), Fridays (1am, 12nn), Sundays (9am, 10pm) and Mondays (2am).
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